Wandering with the sun

“Where the road ends in a parking lot, the German Regine von Chossy has made a very special sun chair with the title Wandering with the Sun. With the help of wet sand and rolls of grass turf, she has built a feminine landscape with four concave sitting/lying stations, which relate to the path of the sun. She has been inspired to give Norwegians something softer and warmer than german bunkers. Here everyone can sit or lay down, take a breath and lounge in Mother Earth, so to speak, she says in a friendly way.”

Terje Gitmark Eriksen, Faedrelandsvennen, 2.7.2005
translated by Laura Baird/Solfrid Mortensen

Der Urhügel entstand anläßlich des internationalen Landartsymposions FOLK-05 lokal-global in Listafyr/Norwegen.

Fotos von Regine von Chossy, Elin Høyland, Solfrid Olette Mortensen, Alfred Vaagsfold, Martin Vindheim